Helvetic Nerds regular, mrs. Tatana hailing on swiss Sirup Records to deliver an absolute and total melodic monster! In usual Helvetic Nerds style, following the path of their always unique melodicness and atmospheric sounding, Tatana is prepared to deliver one of the biggest progressive cuts this year - Rise

Everything what is beautiful about the Helvetic sound here is packed into one single track. Heartfull ride, full of emotional synth pads packed in totally huge atmosphere and catchy melody. The track explodes in two absolutely enormous and climatic melodic breakdowns followed by laid back piano sound. What a follow upper of Tatana's legendary Autumn Sun!

Two remixes are in the pack - from Nikola and Andrew Bennet!

Get your copy now!

DOWNLOAD DJ Tatana - Rise (Original, Nikola, Andrew Bennet Mixes) [SIRUP MUSIC]

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