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News from Daniel (THE Man) Portman

Hot on the heels from his most recent No.1 Minimal House hits 'You're Not Alone', 'Something In The Air' and 'Out At Night', Zurich’s DANIEL PORTMAN returns to Unreleased Digital for his next promising release on the label. Title track MANTENIDO digresses from the dark synth-laden sound scope that has pervaded his two previous Unreleased Digital releases for a summerish but still hard-hitting track of glitchy and grainy Progressive House. Breakdowns convince with latin influenced melodic parts that lift the track onto an even higher base, and is a sure guarantee to get your crowd on fire and sing along, instantly. Jumping between minimalistic beats and toe-tapping percussion melodies, EVERYBODY portrays an all-out affair of grinding Minimal House, creating a pairing of muscle and melodics that compliment each other with a sense of unified energy. Third track on the EP is called SWISS ALPS. Using his signature offbeat minimal sound scope, Daniel Portman draws the track with a whirlwind of melodic leads in breakdowns, utilizing the folk-edged cowbell melody with a crescendo of caressing synth sweeps. When it comes back to the drop, he surprises with a juxtaposing low-end maneuver and warm synth work to the avail of another tempered track of club and festival proof grandeur. iTunes exclusively contains radio edits



Every year Dinka lounges a picture contest. This year it is all about DINKA and YOUR creativity. Take a chance and go hunt the most incredible images to win a very personal gift.Logo download link:

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New Dinka EP - CLOSER

The first snippet of the upcoming EP CLOSER 

Dinka ft. James Darcy - Never Let Go (Original Mix)

Taken from the forthcoming EP "CLOSER".

Date Of Release:
March 11th, 2013 (Beatport)
March 25th, 2013 (iTunes & all other Stores)

Unreleased Digital

More Infos about DINKA:

More Infos About JAMES DARCY:

Get Elementary

Elementary sound for elementary people in an elementary world.

Now on #15 on beatport mixes

More about DINKA :

First Swiss Night in Miami confirmed @ Setai

As promised, parts of the nerds crew are going to be at the WMC 2013 in Miami.  
Check the event with the link beyond :

for additional dates check the particular artists website

New New Generation Podcast is up on itunes

If last weekend was too much to take and this monday is getting to you - check this brand new Podcast by our youngest Helvetic Nerds members Andrea and Cedric! It might just get you through....

New Generation Podcast

The boys @ work

Elements 2013 Reload

The moment we've all been waiting for - Elements 2013 Reload released on beatport yesterday. 
A wonderful new vibe to an old success. Another banger out of the nerd family as we know and love it. Show your support and enjoy the lovely tune in full length!

New Generation Podcast

The two youngsters Leventina & Cedric Zeyenne are about to take off and proud to update you bimonthly with the latest tracks from the HELVETIC NERDS and best of the EDM-scene.

News from Passenger 10 & Nora En Pure

This promising collaboration between two of Switzerland's hottest producers holds everything a strong and successful record needs: Melancholy chords, lush synth lines, catchy vocals and an indie dance beat pattern with certain groovy percussion and cymbal elements. Chris Reece aka PASSENGER 10 recently put out a lot of dreamy and chilly downbeat tracks, that all got a lot impact on the scene. NORA EN PURE stands for more deep house based tracks, like "You Make Me Float" or "Aurelia" which got played by a lot of global players from all around the the world. SHINE MORE is a forward thinking indie dance track with some unique orchestra parts, as well as a distorted synth guitar line that lifts the track even higher and brings out an evolving mood. We highly anticipated the release of this musical pearl on our imprint. iTunes exclusively contains radio edit.

As every year..

..we're gonna bring the traditional compilation series "CROATIA - THE OPENING" back to life.

For those who are not familiar with this compilation: Since 2008 we've released a yearly Chillout/Lounge/DeepHouse compilation which contains previously unreleased tracks from that genres. If you want to participate on this year's issue, send your FINISHED tracks to:
and mark it as "Chillout"
Deadline for sending tracks is: March 4th, 2013
Good luck!

Dinka Unchained

A new year of unlimited power on progressive house music has begun. We go back to our roots and unchain. Feel the vibe of Dinkas first Beatport Mix of 2013. Currently charted #5 on Beatport Mixes.


Elements 2013

An ultimate team up between two of Switzerlands biggest EDM producers drops on Unreleased Digital with a fantastic remake of an all time progressive house classic. 

Known for her spherical and melodical progressive house music, Lucerne based Tamara Hunkeler aka DINKA shot this track out first in 2009 on her same titled EP. Gaining a lot of airplays in various radio stations since the first day, the original track fast climbed up sales charts of all relevant download stores and found its way into cases of all global players.

Now, 4 years later, Dinka teams up with her Helvetic Nerds buddies from LEVENTINA to give this blissful track a new and fresh sounding environment.

With a taste of modern electro house elements, but still bringing out the spirit of the dreamy original version they've created yet another fantastic reload version that will for sure find as much fans and lovers as the original mix already did back then.

Exclusive Beatport release: February 11th

Artist info: