Danii Minogue & Flower Power - You Won't Forget About Me / EDX REMIXES / OUT NOW

Whoever said Dannii Minogue is in the shadows of her little sister Kylie, needs to wake up. Dannii’s voice has been resounding in music for almost two decades as well. With her talent to turn a simple disco classic into a fresh, worldwide club anthem, the Australian ‘Queen of Clubs’ topped the UK Club Charts no less than 13 times. Back in 2004, her collaboration with the Italian guys of Flower Power, ‘You Won’t Forget About Me’, became a huge chart-success. Now, six years after date, it’s ready to sweep the floors with a bunch of new, hot remixes.

Once on your way down the moody road of deep prog-tunes, be sure not to miss out on ‘EDX’s Make People Smile Remix’. On that one the Swiss DJ and producer Maurizio Colella, known for his ‘Hoover’ and ‘Out of The Rain’, combines warm synth-lines with tight beats, in full swing harmony with Dannii’s vocals.

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