EDX - Thrive (EDX's Fe5tival Mix) OUT NOW

Who is gonna stop this guy?! EDX is on absolute fire last couple of months, delivering one anthem after another!

His remix schedule in 2010 so far is filled with some of the biggest names around, and not just ones from house music area. His remixes for artists like Dinka, Cedric Gervais, Benny Benassi already gained huge support from almost all key DJ players around the globe. His track Don't Stop Dancing Girl where he teamed up with american superstar producer Kaskade already made some damage on lots of dance charts. His remixes for Nadia AliBeyonce & Mary J. Blige are available now on USA market, while his remix for Danny Minogue single is done and ready to be released this summer.

After Hoover, released on Pinkstar in april, EDX's new single Thrive is available now at Beatport via swiss label S2 records. The tune already gained big exposure & world wide exclusive premiere on Armin Van Buuren's A State Of Trance No. 459. This tune with its powerful, kicking and driving sublime rhythm, and epicly huge and warm breakdown can apply for progressive anthem of summer 2010 for sure!

Get your copy while its hot!

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Hive is name of the upcoming Dinka EP scheduled to come out via Unreleased Digital on 27th August 2010. 

A while ago Dinka organized a small and interesting competition for all Dinka fans to vote out the best Dinka tune ever in their opinion. And Dinka remix of Leventina's single Here Workin won! Dinka promised they will produce a sort of follow-upper of that track, and here is a exclusive preview! The title is The Quitest Moment!

Another exclusive preview is Dinka's bootleg. The original is from Lifehouse and the song is called Storm. A wonderful ballad, that just screamed to be remixed from Dinka.


Rino Cabrera is obviously one of the most engaged Helvetic Nerds members this month. After his single You Will, his huge rerub of Weekend Heroes single Interlagos, and after his top notch DJ Mix for ETR's Mykonos Summer Guide 2010, now he teams up with swiss Maffi Jay to deliver their summer single.  If maybe Maffi Jay name doesnt sound familiar enough to you, you should know that guy was one of the first UDR regulars with his techno single 'Communication' back in 2007.

Now these guys deliver progy/electro/funky summer anthem called Baila Con Migo. Piano driven melody, sexy female vocals - hot & sexy summer rhythm all around - thats what tune is! If u seek a tuneage to express wildest beach emotions - this tune should be your pick! Its available in Vocal and Dub Version!

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Enormous Tunes continues its tradition of releasing summer guides. This time, the guide with its sounds takes us in adventure of feeling and catching the summer spirit of one of the wildest and most beautiful european nightlifes - the spirit and life of Mykonos.

The guide features some of the most successful, new ones as well as some old ones, tunes from our inhouse artists such as EDX, Chris Reece, Leventina, Rino Cabrera, Passenger 10, Dinka, George F. Zimmer and more. 

As addition for everyone who gets his copy of the guide through Beatport there is a special bonus Continious -DJ Mix mixed by our member Rino Cabrera.


After almost 8 months since their last Ep 'Attitude', Helvetic Nerds combo Leventina strike back with a two tracker on our inhouse label Enormous Tunes.

This time guys are trying out something new and the result is impressive: two anthemic summer tunes ready to make some serious damage! Ep opener entitled Summer Circuit is a big club groover, pumping from all the sides. Banging percussions and melody constantly increasing the heat create real club monster out of this one. Second tune is Leventinas contribution to the this years World Cup fever. El Toro is definitely unofficial anthem: no need to say much about this one except you will love to play it very loud while you are celebrating with your buddies victory of your national team! 

Thats why you must not miss this release!

Guys also did a remix for german house superstar Remady. Classic summer smasher presented here, full of positive emotions and vibes, supported by vocals of italian vocalist Manu-L!

Check it out!


Israel based duo Weekend Heroes is on fire last couple of months, delivering only quality progressive house and techno sounds. Now they hit Unreleased Digital with a single Interlagos, and on a remix duty we have our member - Rino Cabrera.

Rino reimagines a murky progressive deeper into a huge club stomper. Beginning as a heavy bass line drive in a usual Helvetic style, Rino signs it with his unique touch of melodic breakdown but yet smashing enough to damage some dance floors! Huge synth ride with additional percussions in the breakdown qualifies this one for heaviest peak moments in club night!
Dont miss it!

Weekend Heroes - Interlagos (Incl. Rino Cabrera Remix) @ Beatport


Who is gonna stop these guys?! They just keep proving they are one of the hottest progressive house acts of the moment!
 After just few days old massive rework of Matan Caspi's track Turn The Back, Leventina is once again back on a remix duty, this time for swiss based DJ & producer - Mario Held. Back in 2008 Leventina already made a remix of one Held's track called Alone. Since that one gained great support and received lots of nice feedbacks, another teaming up of Held & Leventina cant be nothing else but a pure gem! 
 Leventina reinterpretate vocal house Original into a bangin summer anthem! Warm piano riffs followed by uplifting guitar melody, supported by astonishing female vocals create out of this positive mood setter a true summer bomb, perfect to additionally warm up the atmosphere in the clubs and bars during this summer 2010! 
 Leventina does it again and thats not all! On June 18th, this Helvetic Nerds combo will hit the stores with a powerfull two tracker 'Summer Circuit'. Also they remixed Zurich based superstar Remady, his new single Give Me A Sign, which will be available at the end of june via Housewerks  Germany!

Does this June belongs to Leventina or what? Stay tuned! :)


ETR regular, Israel based Matan Caspi returns to the label with a strong offering - Turn The Beat Back, driving tech house monster. On a remix duty is worldwide acclaimed, swiss based Helvetic Nerds combo, Leventina. The guys reimagined this tune as a classic progressive house club stomper. Crazy driving synths, pumping & heavy bassline in the breakdown with always unique Helvetic Nerds sign on. The track will work perfectly for warming up. Dont miss it!


Rino Cabrera is back with a bang!

Via Nero Bianco Project he delivers heavy progressive club stomper combined with catchy female vocals, sure receipt for dance floor damaging! Massive upbeat drive, club synths rockin all the way, while sexy vocals reserved for breakdown guarantee peak madness with this one!

Dont miss it by any chance!


Passenger 10 - Waterworld Incl Daniel Portman & Stanley Ross Remix of A Desert Night OUT NOW on Unreleased Digital

Passenger 10's latest offering entitled Waterworld is out via Unreleased Digital.

In his recognizable style, with heavy stomping basslines and uplifting and dramatic breakdowns, Passenger delivers Waterworld, really huge progressive house cut.

The pack contains previously released chill out track A Desert Night in its Original version, as well as Daniel Portman & Stannely Ross's storming tech/prog rerub of it.

Passenger 10 - Waterworld Incl Daniel Portman & Stanley Ross of A Desert Night Remix @ Beatport

Dinka In The Mix – The Helvetic Nerds Radio Show Episode 21: June 2010

Another stomping episode of Helvetic Nerds radio show ready for broadcasting! Here is the official tracklisting and if u want to follow the episode live dont forget to tune in HERE on Friday, June 04 at 9 PM CET when its airing online! Cya there!

Dinka In The Mix – The Helvetic Nerds Radio Show Episode 21: June 2010 Official Tracklisting

1. Pilgrim - Another Chance (Passenger 10 Remix) Nero Bianco
2. Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Chris Reece Bootleg RMX) CD-R
3. Arthur Deep - Remember The Summer (Dinka Remix) Cool Vibes Records
4. Benny Benassi - Spaceship (EDX Remix) Ultra
5. Helvetic Nerds - Mistaken Identity (Original Mix)  Unreleased Digital
6. Chris Reece - Salvation (Original Extended Mix) Pilot 6 Recordings (Armada)
7. Dinka - Ghosts In A Suit (Original Mix) Unreleased Digital
8. George F. Zimmer - Hangover (Original Mix) Unreleased Digital
9. Passenger 10 - Waterworld (Original Mix) Unreleased Digital
10. Plastic Angel - Try (Daniel Portman Remix) Afterglow
11. Stanley Ross - Hammeroids (Original Mix) Enormous Tunes