Stan Kolev - Grace Light (Artist Album) [UDR1235]

Grace Light is the incredibly radiant light of the Divine within us -- compassionate, intelligent and almighty. Grace light is not the light of the sun or any physical light. It is an explosive inner light, more brilliant and powerful than the sun, described by the saints, prophets and enlightened masters of all faiths throughout the ages. It has the incredible power to know and do everything. Grace light symbolizes the light of God. If one doesn't feel comfortable with the concept of God, one may think of grace light as a powerful cosmic energy that has the power to change our lives. As Grace Light empowers us, our hearts and minds will be ignited with divine inner radiance and intelligence.
Unreleased Digital proudly present Stan Kolev's artist album - Grace Light.

Stan Kolev & Dinka ft. Albena Veskova - Luminal [UDR1399] OUT NOW

First collaboration from two of the hottest Progressive House artists. Stan Kolev & Dinka featuring the beautiful vocals of Bulgarian female singer Albena Veskova who already sang successful songs for Stan in the past.
The collab song is called "Luminal", an awesome mixture between the typical styles of Dinka and Stan Kolev. Stan's ethnic flavoured sounds draw the track into a clubby corner, while Dinka put her amazing arpeggio melodies to it and make the breakdown a pure experience.The package also offers a Dinka Spring Vibes Mix.