News from Daniel (THE Man) Portman

Hot on the heels from his most recent No.1 Minimal House hits 'You're Not Alone', 'Something In The Air' and 'Out At Night', Zurich’s DANIEL PORTMAN returns to Unreleased Digital for his next promising release on the label. Title track MANTENIDO digresses from the dark synth-laden sound scope that has pervaded his two previous Unreleased Digital releases for a summerish but still hard-hitting track of glitchy and grainy Progressive House. Breakdowns convince with latin influenced melodic parts that lift the track onto an even higher base, and is a sure guarantee to get your crowd on fire and sing along, instantly. Jumping between minimalistic beats and toe-tapping percussion melodies, EVERYBODY portrays an all-out affair of grinding Minimal House, creating a pairing of muscle and melodics that compliment each other with a sense of unified energy. Third track on the EP is called SWISS ALPS. Using his signature offbeat minimal sound scope, Daniel Portman draws the track with a whirlwind of melodic leads in breakdowns, utilizing the folk-edged cowbell melody with a crescendo of caressing synth sweeps. When it comes back to the drop, he surprises with a juxtaposing low-end maneuver and warm synth work to the avail of another tempered track of club and festival proof grandeur. iTunes exclusively contains radio edits


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