5 Years Unreleased Digital

Huh, already 5. They've passed so fast! There are lots of successful releases behind us, and lots of them upcoming. We established a well known name in  progressive house industry, and paved our path into the future. For our 5th anniversary we planed to release one brand new compilation with lots of unreleased tracks. If u want to appear on the exclusive compilation mixed by Daniel Portman & Chris Reece please send your unreleased tracks to the following addresses:

danielportmandemo@gmx.ch - Progressive House & Techno material
chrisreecedemos@hotmail.com - Tech House & House material

We wish you all the best in the New Year!

Helvetic Nerds team


aReeL said...

Great.. Another step from Helvetic Nerds to get closer to their fans.. Love it!!

OliverC said...

how many time do we have left to send the unreleased track?
And Thx Guys ur amazing! :)