Chris Reece - October DJ Mix

Hi guys! Today we have a special & brand new Chris Reece DJ mix for the month of October. It includes some of the most successful tunes from Chris Reece (of course the newest album tracks), George F. Zimmer, Dinka, Daniel Portman... All these tunes grant one hour of pure ecstatic music feeling, and we hope that u'll like it!

Chris Reece - October DJ -Mix 2010! by Helvetic Nerds

Chris Reece – Helvetic Nerds Session (Oktober2010)
Helvetic Nerds Session
1. Chris Reece - The Divine Circle (Club Mix)
2. George F. Zimmer - Don't deal with Justice (Original)
3. Helvetic Nerds - Mistaken Identity (Origianl)
4. Chris Reece feat. Romina Andrews - Right back (EDX Indian Summer Remix)
5. Dinka & Chris Reece - Autumn Leaves (Progressive Dub)
6. Chris Reece - Shades Of Blue (Club Mix)
7. Daniel Portmann & Jerome Ism-Ae - Flashing Lights (Original)
8. Tim Berg - Bromance (Chris Reece Remix)
9. Chris Reece & Sam Obernik - Heart Without a Face (Club Mix)
10. Dinka - Hive (Original)
Contact: Ashley Mendes
Booking: Imperiale Productions

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