Mr. George F. Zimmer has been Unreleased Digital regular since its straight and forward progressive reanimation back in 2008 and has profiled himself as one of the finest heavyweighters of UDR's arsenal. Thats why we are thrilled to greet him on another UDR venture entitled Tansania.

Tansania EP reflects everything that shines as unique and advanced progressive and trance sounding of modern EDM scene. Unique combination of driving chord progressions and warmness of sun inspired, chilling melodies once again is proved to be a sure gem!

Original Mix of Tansania is the EP opener. Intent of this track is to express and rise fully sunset/sunrise image in your mind, bringing you into feeling of lying on those chairs from the release cover. Chilling at the beach, loosing your view deeply into a clear blue sky - thats what inspiration of this tune is to support as a music background. Original Mix of Tabora hits the shores which George has already tasted with his last years anthem - All Night Long. Progressive house sound in its finest but softly touched with trancey summer feeling. Catchy and happy melody of this one, balearic, sun drenched  sythns, sweet groove - are features of this tune which makes it perfect for dropping in those all-day-long occasions spent at the beach bars around the globe.

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