Who is gonna stop these guys?! They just keep proving they are one of the hottest progressive house acts of the moment!
 After just few days old massive rework of Matan Caspi's track Turn The Back, Leventina is once again back on a remix duty, this time for swiss based DJ & producer - Mario Held. Back in 2008 Leventina already made a remix of one Held's track called Alone. Since that one gained great support and received lots of nice feedbacks, another teaming up of Held & Leventina cant be nothing else but a pure gem! 
 Leventina reinterpretate vocal house Original into a bangin summer anthem! Warm piano riffs followed by uplifting guitar melody, supported by astonishing female vocals create out of this positive mood setter a true summer bomb, perfect to additionally warm up the atmosphere in the clubs and bars during this summer 2010! 
 Leventina does it again and thats not all! On June 18th, this Helvetic Nerds combo will hit the stores with a powerfull two tracker 'Summer Circuit'. Also they remixed Zurich based superstar Remady, his new single Give Me A Sign, which will be available at the end of june via Housewerks  Germany!

Does this June belongs to Leventina or what? Stay tuned! :)

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