After almost two years since its first artist album 'The Temptation', Dinka is now back with second installment entitled 'Hotel Summerville'.
Album contains some of Dinkas finest tunes released during 2009 on various Ep's and single releases. Album includes two 'oldies' as well: anthemic KaZantip track (originally featured on debut album from 2008) and melodic Meaningful Story (from Native EP same year). Two Dinka chill out tracks, titled Hotel Summerville and Smile When You're Hurt The Most,  as biggest highlights of recent Enormous Tunes Croatia 2010 - The Opening compilation  are also there. Yet, album also offers brand new Dinka production - Ghosts In A Suit track. Following same energetic and summery mood of Hotel Summerville saga, with its uplifting chords, stomping rhythm and amazing melodic breakdown, this is another Dinka banger. And finally, closing of the album comes with a exclusive Hotel Summerville Continious DJ mix, perfect to crack it up in your car and head of to your own Summervile destination for this summer 2010.
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