The Helvetic Nerds Radio Show on

Episode 002 – November 7th, 2008
Switzerlands Top DJs and producers decided to join a group to represent the best EDM out of this small country between Germany and Italy. Dinka, Chris Reece, EDX, Daniel Portman, Leventina, DJ Tatana, Passenger 10 & Andrea Oliva; these guys are the Helvetic Nerds. They now launched a radio show which will be hosted by progressive act Dinka. 1 hour of finest House and dance flavour. The show is broadcasted monthly every first friday at 9pm central european time on's progressive channel.

1. DJ Tatana - Don’t be Sad (Album Version) Sirup Music
2. Daniel Portman - For Your Soul (Original Mix) Unreleased Digital
3. Passenger 10 - Passenger 10 (Chris Reece Remix) Soulcandi / Unreleased Digital
4. Dinka - In Command (Original Mix) CD-R
5. Chris Reece & Dinka - Autumn Leaves (Michael Cassette Remix) Enormous Tunes
6. Beltek - Playmaker (Original Mix) Unreleased Digital
7. EDX - Casa Grande (Original Mix) Pinkstar Records
8. Tony Deep Fish - 7 Minutes After Midnight (Chris Reece Remix) Unreleased Digital
9. Bag Raiders - Nil By Mouth (Knightlife Remix) Bang Gang
10. George F. Zimmer - Civilization (Dinka Remix) CD-R
11. Jaytech - Pyramid (Dinka Special Melo Mix) AnjunaDeep
12. George F. Zimmer - Departure (Original Mix) Unreleased Digital
13. Andrea Oliva - Goa (Original Mix) CD-R

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